Vinicius M. Lube

PhD Students

PhD Candidate



Office: Bld. 2, Lev. 3, 3266-WS06


​Vinicius is currently working on advanced visualization techniques to perform high-throughput phenomics to study plants behavior in response to stresses and pathogen invasion in different environmental conditions.

Vinicius Lube is also the Founder of MultipleXLab, together with Professor Dr. Ikram Blilou.

Research Interests

​Plant phenomics, X-ray micro-Computed Tomography, 3D visualization, artificial intelligence, photomacrography, mechatronics

Selected Publications

  • Lube, Vinicius, Noyan, M. A., Przybysz, A., Salama, K., Blilou, I. (2022). MultipleXLab: A high-throughput portable live-imaging root phenotyping platform using deep learning and computer vision. Plant Methods 18, 38 (2022).
  • Xiao, T. T., Kirschner, G. K., Kountche, B. A., Jamil, M., Maria, S., Lube, Vinicius, ... & Blilou, I. (2022). The PLETHORA/PIN-FORMED/AUXIN network mediates terminal prehaustorium formation in the parasitic plant Striga hermonthica. In press: Plant Physiology - P2021-RA-01192R3.
  • Xiao, T., Raygoza, A.A., Pérez, J.C., Kirschner, G., Deng, Y., Atkinson, B., Sturrock, C., Lube, Vinicius, Wang, J.Y., Lubineau, G. and Al-Babili, S. (2019). Emergent Protective Organogenesis in Date Palms: A Morpho-devo-dynamic Adaptive Strategy During Early Development. The Plant Cell, pp.tpc-00008
  • Bolson, N., Singh, D., Lube, Vinicius, Lubineau, G. (2019). All-polymer based polymorph skin with controllable surface texture. Smart Materials and Structures, 28(7), 075011
  • Chellattoan, R., Lube, V., Lubineau, G. (2019). Toward Programmable Materials for Wearable Electronics: Electrical Welding Turns Sensors into Conductors. Advanced Electronic Materials.
  • San-Roman-Alerigi, D.P., Dijk, C.V., Lube, Vinicius, Lubineau, G. (2018). Characterizing the Effects of High Power Laser Performance on Carbonate Rocks. Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology - Summer 2018, Pages 47-56
  • Lube, Vinicius, Lazarescu, C., Mansfield, S.D., Avramidis, S. (2016). Wood microfibril angle variation after drying. Holzforschung, v. 70, n. 5, p. 485-488.
  • San-Roman-Alerigi, D.P., Dijk, C.V., Batarseh, S.I., Lube, Vinicius, Lubineau, G. (2018). Characterizing the effects of laser perforation on carbonate rocks. GEO 2018 13th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition (Manama, Bahrain, March 5-8, 2018) Issue# 90319, 10 pages
  • Batista, D.C., Oliveira, J.T.S., Pizetta, R.P., Lube, Vinicius Munaldi. (2017). Quality assessment of air-dried teakwood boards using moisture content gradients. FLORAM - Revista Floresta e Ambiente, v. 24, p. 1-7.
  • Evans, P., Lube, Vinicius, Averdunk, H. et al. (2015). Visualizing the microdistribution of zinc borate in oriented strand board using X-ray microcomputed tomography and SEM-EDX. Journal of Composites, Article ID 630905, 9 pages. doi:10.1155/2015/630905
  • Rosa, R.A., França, L.C.A., Segundinho, P.D.A., Lube, V.M. and Paes, J.B. (2014). Characterization of bullet wood (Manilkara sp.) by destructive and nondestructive methods. Ciência da Madeira, v. 5, n. 1, p. 68-78.


  • M.Sc., Forestry, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada (2013-2016)
  • B.Sc., Industrial Engineering, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Vitoria, Brazil (2008-2013)​

Professional Profile

  • PhD Student, LPCDB, KAUST, Saudi Arabia (January 2018 - Present)
  • ​Visiting Student, COHMAS, KAUST, Saudi Arabia (May - Nov 2017)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP), UBC, Vancouver, Canada (Sept. 2013 - 2016)
  • Academic Internship, Wood Physics and Drying Laboratory, Vancouver (Sept 2012 - Jul 2013)


  • Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation (2020) in the category ‘Distinguished Innovative Studies and Modern Technology’ led by Professor Dr. Ikram Blilou
  • ​Donald S. McPhee Fellowship (Aug 2015)
  • VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry (Aug 2015)

KAUST Affiliations

BESE (Biological and Environment Science and Engineering)

Research Interests Keywords

Root system architecture Live imaging technologies Phenomics Automation