Plant Science Summer Camp

20 June, 2021

This one-week lab workshop in the Center for Desert Agriculture aims to give an overview of the research activities carried out in the Plant Science (PS) Program at KAUST. This workshop will cover different aspects of basic plant science, improve classical crops' performance in harsh environments, and domestication of new ones. The students will get in touch with state-of-the-art technologies and will have the opportunity to experience the scientific atmosphere within the Plant Science groups at KAUST. 

- Course duration: 20-06-2021 to 24-06-2021;

- Twelve successful applicants will be selected and divided into six groups;

- Each group will be involved in the day-to-day experimental work in the topics covered by PS at KAUST: stress physiology, plant-microbe interaction, genomics, gene editing, growth and development, growth regulator discovery, and metabolism/root parasitic plants. Each Plant Science faculty will host students for the whole period;

- Each topic will be covered by lectures and experimental work. At the end of the course, students must present a summary of what they have learned;

- Students will explore KAUST by visiting Plant Science labs, core labs, the library and will enjoy the recreation centers during their stay. 

The flyer below has more information on the Summer Camp.